Create, share and use open local knowledge.

openEngiadina is developing a platform for open local knowledge.

Open Local Knowledge

Local knowledge consists of thousand of little pieces of information that describe the social, cultural and natural environment of an area. For example:

Geographic information

Social and cultural events

Organizations and businesses

Infrastructure status

We believe that local knowledge needs to be freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish. Local knowledge needs to be open knowledge.

Semantic Social Network

openEngiadina is an acknowledgment that data creation and curation is a social activity. We are developing a mashup between a knowledge base (like Wikipedia) and a social network using the XMPP protocol and the Semantic Web.

For whom and why?

openEngiadina is being developed for small municipalities and local organizations.

We want to empower communities to manage their own data. The platform is Free Software, self-hostable and can interoperate with other instances.

Free software




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